On the way to reopening the facility

It took us about four weeks to reopen our facility. We had to clean the floor totally covered with black mud brought by the tsunami and that task itself was very hard.

We asked for help from our parent organization and they sent some of the staff members to help us scoop out the mud and then clean the floor with water. We had managed to make the place usable and we were waiting the lifeline services to resume. It was when that strong aftershock hit on the April 7th.

The electricity had just come back but it was cut again. This time, however, services resumed quite quickly. We decided to wait until all the services had resumed before we reopen our facility.

We decided to resume our operation on April 11 and sent the information to our trainees.

Some of the trainees had telephoned us to ask when we would reopen the facility. Some had even visited us. We apologized to them while clearing the mess. Finally, we were able to restart the facility.