An earthquake during work

Story: Ishinomaki Shoshinkai Foundation, Kujira no Shippo Vocational Support Center for the Disabled
Trainee: Ms. Ayako Ogawa (woman/ age 29 at the time/ mental disability)
Manager: Ms. Kayoko Abe
Employee: Mr. Takamasa Tada
Kujira no Shippo Group Home Himawari, Life Support Staff Ms. Yasuko Abe

Were you working at the time?

Ogawa: Yes. We were making bread.


Around how many of you were working?

Ogawa: I think there were around 4 or 5 of us.


How did you protect yourselves when the earthquake happened?

I imagine there were all kinds of dangerous things around you while you were working. How was everyone?

Ogawa: The earthquake was really strong, so some people were holding on to the dollies. Then we grabbed onto the arms of the staff and they brought us outside.


Did you go outside with the staff?

Ogawa: I escaped right away with a trainee who had frozen and couldn’t move.


Was anyone injured or anything at that time?

Ogawa: No, no one.


How did things look around you?

Ogawa: Things had fallen down, and papers were scattered everywhere.