Understanding of visually impaired people

Is there anything you would like abled people to know about visually impaired people?

Recently more people have been offering to help me. The other day when I ended up alone on a train, a crew member spoke to me for the first time.


What did they say to you?

They asked where I was headed. At first I wasn’t sure if they were talking to me, so I asked, “Are you talking to me?” They said, “I noticed you have a cane, but the other person already got off right?” I said, “Oh, that was my helper.” They said, “I saw you were alone so I came to check on you.” When I told them where I was getting off, they said they would inform the attendants at that station. Someone pressed the button to open the door for me, too.


So such things have only been happening more recently?

It was the first time for me. Maybe it’s because there have been a lot of train accidents around the country. Even if they install gates on the platforms, it’s not that simple. The easiest way is to just talk to me. I really appreciate it when not only station staff, but also regular people offer to help.