Temporary housing for vulnerable people

Story: Ishinomaki Shoshinkai Foundation, Kujira no Shippo Vocational Support Center for the Disabled
Trainee: Ms. Ayako Ogawa (woman/ age 29 at the time/ mental disability)
Manager: Ms. Kayoko Abe
Employee: Mr. Takamasa Tada
Kujira no Shippo Group Home Himawari, Life Support Staff Ms. Yasuko Abe

The group home Ms. Ogawa used to live in was close to the ocean, so it was flooded in the tsunami.

Yasuko: The temporary housing (group home) was completed around September or August.

Tada: There was originally a group home (that Ms. Ogawa was living in) in town (in the Ayukawahama area). Until the current temporary group home was completed, she had no place to live. Temporary homes for the non-disabled people were first in line to be completed, so she was waiting in the shelter for over 7 months.


Was the house Ms. Ogawa moved to a publicly funded rental shared with a group of disabled residents?

Tada: No, it was specifically built as a temporary group home.

Yasuko: There are quite a few publicly funded rental houses for disabled residents in the city, but only one in the Oshika district.